Effective as of August, 2022


As part of Hibike's initiative to offer equable access, residents can apply for enrollment in our unbanked program. Users will need to complete an application and provide a photo ID before enrollment. once enrolled a prepaid credit card can be be used for the purchase of a subscription and any extra-time.


  • Current Hawaii resident aged 16+
  • Valid, active email address and phone number
  • Valid government-issued photo ID
  • No current outstanding balance on an existing or canceled Hibike account.


Download the appliciation, complete and email it to support@hawaiiislandbike.com. There is a limit of one pass per apllicant. However, youcan also add a subscription for children of the ages of 16 and 17 years old. We do not allow children under the age of 16 to ride.


Your application will be processed within 2 business days of receipt. Once your application has been processed, you will be emailed a link for payment for the initial cost of the subscription. Once payment has been made, please allow 24 hours for activation of account.


If applicant does not have access to a smart device to download the PBSC app for bicycle access, select App Access “No” on application. A Hibike key card will be mailed to you and your subscription will start at the time of key card activation.

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For clarifiying questions or more information contact us today!




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If you’re a transit rider, you can use the bikeshare system as a transportation option for the first and last mile of your commute, in conjunction with using the bus at no additional cost. HELE-ON riders don’t pay a cent for for their first 30 minutes of ride time, FREE for anyone who rides HELE-ON and includes and unlimited number of 30-minute rides or less per day.


The County of Hawaii Mass Transit Agency (MT) and PATH have joined forces to present the Hele-On, Ride On project. Hele-On, Ride On brings a much-needed focus to producing healthier, safer, and more livable communities around transit facilities. The purpose of this project is to eliminate a cost barrier for transit riders to use the HIBIKE bikeshare system. Reduced congestion and improved positive community development practices are just some of the benefits of Hele-On, Ride On. The program is also an excellent way for Hawai’i Island residents to help lower our individual carbon footprint and reduce the need for fossil fuels through the use of mass transit and the HIBIKE bikeshare system.

How to ride

Take a trip on any Hele-on bus and get unlimited rides lasting 30 minutes or less free for 24 hours from redemption.


Ride on any Hele-on bus to get your free redemption code.


Ask you Hele-on bus driver for your code today.

ride hibike

Download the PBSC app or go to any Hibike station to redeem your code and get riding.

Valid credit card required and additional fees apply.

Plan details

Get unlimited rides lasting 30 minutes or less per day. Return your bicycle to any station within 30 minutes from the start at no additional cost. Want to keep riding longer? No problem! Each additional 30-minutes or less is only $4.50.

How to use hibike



Visit any one of our stations in Kona or Hilo and unlock a bike using the PBSC App or receiving a release code from the kiosk after signup. If you are unable to use a credit card, please click here for details on how to use HIBIKE.

  1. Enter the 5 digit code into the key pad to the left of the bike on the docking point.
  2. Wait for the light to turn from yellow to green.
  3. Pull backwards on your bike to remove.




Enjoy your ride! Once you are done, return to any station.




Push your bike into any dock to lock it. Once you see the green light, your trip has ended. The green light is the only indication that your trip has ended. Leave it worry-free. We will have a bike available again when you are ready to ride.






Start by purchasing a subscription online or through the PBSC mobile app. Passes can also be purchased at any one of our conveniently located stations. After your purchase you’ll receive a temporary  release code to check out a bike. Enter that code on the three digit keypad next to the left of the bike you want to release. Wait for the green light then pull your bike from the dock.

Please review our FAQ below to see if the answer you need is there before contacting Customer Service. If you need further assistance we are happy to help, contact one of our friendly customer service agents.

Customer Service


7 days a week from 7am-11pm

Common Questions

How it Works




Fare Options


Safey tips for a fun ride


Please ride with Aloha and practice safe and considerate cycling. HIBIKE encourages a healthy and fun way to get around and we want you to not only have a good time but a safe ride. Please review the following safety tip and for a more comprehensive list of Honolulu bicycle laws, visit A Guide to Safe Bicycling in Hawaii.

Safety tips

It has been 1 year since our first HIBIKE Bulletin and we look forward to bringing you more news of upcoming plans for HIBIKE. Thank you for your continued support.


Users must be of 16 years of age or older to ride HIBIKE. While it is not a law in Hawaii for those 16 and and over to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle it is always recommended. Please check out your local bike shop to purchase one today.


Obey traffic signs and signals. Come to a complete stop at stop signs!

Walk your Biki at crosswalks and any time you ever feel it is unsafe to ride. 

Use hand signals to signal your intention when turning and stopping. 

TIP: Try to stay at least 3 feet away from parked cars to avoid hitting a suddenly opened car door.

Ride With Traffic

Use bicycle lanes when available and if not available riding with traffic is the safest way to ride. Always ride on the right side of the travel lane when moving slower then traffic. You should only ride in the middle when getting ready to make a left turn and when there is not enough room for you and a vehicle to ride safely side by side.

Never leave your Biki unattended.

When you are not riding your HIBIKE it should be secured using the built in lock or you should securely return it to any HIBIKE station.  The bike is your responsibility and your ride time will not stop until it has been properly returned to a station. Always look for the green light to ensure it is locked in place!


Using the Bicycles Lock

All of our bikes offer a built in bike lock for your convenience. It is intended for securing your bike for short periods of time where a station may not be available. To use the lock simply wrap the attached cable around a secure fixed object such as a bike rack. Insert the end of the cable into the locking mechanism on the bottom right side of the front basket. Once inserted remove your key to the right at the end of the lock. Keep the key in a safe location, and when ready to ride again, reinsert the key and twist to the right to release the cable. Additional things to know about using the bike lock.


  • Your ride time does not stop when using the bike lock. Securing the bike back into a station dock and receiving the green light is the only way to end your ride.
  • There is a $20 key replacement fee for any keys that are lost, stolen, or damaged.


Do not ride with noise cancelling headphones or face masks that may obstruct vision. Stay alert. 

Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

People and pets should never be placed in the Biki basket. Only one rider at a time. 

Is biking in honolulu safe?

Honolulu was awarded a Bronze ranking as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Cyclist. Currently, Oahu has 2 miles of protected bike lanes, 46 miles of bike paths, 59 miles of bike lanes, and 40 miles of bike routes. Dedicated bike facilities are created to provide separation between bicyclists and motor vehicles. Bikeways such as paths and separated bike lanes allow bicyclists to ride without merging with motor vehicles, leaving cyclist and motorist feeling safer. Separation allows for a wide variety of people with varying skills, purposes, and speeds to use a bicycle. More bike lanes, paths and routes are planned for Oahu. Visit the City’s Bicycle Program to learn more about bicycle infrastructure and biking laws in Honolulu. Visit Hawaii Bicycling League's website for bike map resources and free workshops on safety and rules of the road.

Biki Pass

Once you purchase a membership plan (Commuter, Voyager, Free Spirit) a complimentary Biki Pass will be sent to your Oahu residential address to make your experience with Biki even easier. The Biki Pass is the quickest way to unlock a bike! 


After purchasing your membership, expect a call from a Biki representative to verify that we have the correct address on file. Once you receive your Biki Pass (within 3-5 business days of address confirmation) you will need to activate it by logging in to your GoBiki.org account and entering the unique 7-digit number located under the barcode.


At this time, Biki Passes are only mailed to Oahu residences. If you are visiting from out of state or would prefer to pick up your pass at our offices please call customer service. 

How to use: 

  1. Find the card slot - it is located on the left of each Biki Stop docking point. 
  2. Quickly insert your Biki Pass, with the yellow arrow first.
  3. Wait for the lights to turn from yellow to green and remove your Biki! If the light turns red, or if you do not remove the bike in time, simply try again at the same dock or another one. Your time will not begin until the bike is removed. 

Lost your pass? If you lose your pass please call us immediately (888-340-2454) so we can deactivate and issue you a new one. There is a $5 replacement fee. 


Don't want to carry around a pass? You can unlock bikes by using the Biki Mobile App to generate ride codes. 

Your next ride is at your fingertips

Introducing the PBSC app! Your app to find a HIBIKE subscription that is right for you. Unlock a bike on the go, view your current ride time, and manage your account right from your mobile phone. You can also check a live status of all our stations to see if there is availability for you and all your friends.



Track your time and know exactly how long your have been riding for

Fast and easy to get a bike from any station. Almost as fast as a rocket

Locate any station and see real time availability

Feature Highlights for an enjoyable ride

Current Trip

View your current Trip

Time flies when your having fun so you may want to take a look at the Trip tab on the Mobile app. We will keep track of your ride time so you don't have to. From this view you can also view details of your current rental such as your bikes identification number, when your trip started, and where you started from just in case you got a little lost. Don't know how to get back to a station? Tap I am at a station and view the nearest station to you. 


When your tip is over you can make sure your bike is secured and your time has ended. Your screen will update once your time has stopped, and you will be alerted you have no current trip.

Manage your account

Purchase a subscription right from the mobile app. If you already have one log in to you existing account and get access to all the rich features of the PBSC app. You can manage your account on the go, from purchasing a new plan to updating your auto-renewal. Change is exciting and we want you to be able to easily update your account. Move recently? Update your address fast and easy. Maybe you changed your name, that's big news! Let us know and update the name on your account.


View your current subscription and the expiration date. Make sure your you turn on auto-renew to ensure you always have access to our fleet of bikes. Your plan will renew two days before it expires and you'll never stop rolling.


Frequently Asked Questions