Your next ride is at your fingertips

Introducing the PBSC app! Your app to find a HIBIKE subscription that is right for you. Unlock a bike on the go, view your current ride time, and manage your account right from your mobile phone. You can also check a live status of all our stations to see if there is availability for you and all your friends.



Track your time and know exactly how long your have been riding for

Fast and easy to get a bike from any station. Almost as fast as a rocket

Locate any station and see real time availability

Feature Highlights for an enjoyable ride

Current Trip

View your current Trip

Time flies when your having fun so you may want to take a look at the Trip tab on the Mobile app. We will keep track of your ride time so you don't have to. From this view you can also view details of your current rental such as your bikes identification number, when your trip started, and where you started from just in case you got a little lost. Don't know how to get back to a station? Tap I am at a station and view the nearest station to you. 


When your tip is over you can make sure your bike is secured and your time has ended. Your screen will update once your time has stopped, and you will be alerted you have no current trip.

Manage your account

Purchase a subscription right from the mobile app. If you already have one log in to you existing account and get access to all the rich features of the PBSC app. You can manage your account on the go, from purchasing a new plan to updating your auto-renewal. Change is exciting and we want you to be able to easily update your account. Move recently? Update your address fast and easy. Maybe you changed your name, that's big news! Let us know and update the name on your account.


View your current subscription and the expiration date. Make sure your you turn on auto-renew to ensure you always have access to our fleet of bikes. Your plan will renew two days before it expires and you'll never stop rolling.


Frequently Asked Questions