One-Way Pass

Single Ride.

No Commitment.

Don't have a subscription but want to use the best transportation option? Purchase this one-way pass now to get you where you need to go fast. This one-way pass allows a single ride from one station to another lasting 30 minutes or less. Need extra time? Not a problem, trips lasting longer than 30 will automatically be charged $4.50 for each additional 30 minutes or fraction. This pass cannot be pre purchased and must be used within 5 minutes of purchase.

$3.50 One-Way- Single ride lasting 30 minutes or less

Please be mindful of pedestrians and be courteous on the road.

Helmets are always recommended but will not protect against meteors.

HIBIKE is not only fun but will make you more healthy, like eating a carrot.

Your way to get around Hilo and Kona!

Need to get somewhere fast? Don't want to worry with the hassle of parking and need to beat the traffic? If you don't ride often or don't like commitment, purchase this one-way pass. You can get up to four bikes on one pass. Your HIBIKE trip will most likely be cheaper than taking a taxi or shared ride, oh and did we mention more fun too?!

Ride Kona
Ride Coast


  • “HIBIKE has become my main method of daily transportation, with traffic and gas price increasing it is a no brainer”
    Maika, Free Spirit Member
  • “The most efficient, eco friendly way to get around Hilo Town, found so many cool shops that I missed when I was driving.”

    Mahealani W., $25 Monthly Member
  • “HIBIKE has made my shopping experience around town a breeze, I don’t have to worry about parking and the personal lock that comes with the bike lets me lock it up wherever I am shopping.”

    Morgan , Free Spirit Member
  • “We have subscriptions for the whole family, HIBIKE has turned out Sunday walks to Sunday Cruises!”

    Annette, Cruiser Member
  • ” Love that I don’t have to worry about bringing my personal bike everywhere I go, now I have bikes when I need it.”

    Melanie S., $15 Monthly Member