Thank you HIBIKE members for choosing to ride with us. We'd like to wish you all a very happy pumpkin 🎃🥧, apple cider 🍎☕, and turkey 🦃🍗 season!

New Look

You may have noticed that our bikes have some new decals with a few of our supporters:


  • Near HIBIKE Station 428 - Brewer's Block

               - HiCO Hawaiian Coffee

               - Umeke's Fish Market Bar & Grill

               - Willie's Hot Chicken


  • Near HIBIKE Station 461 - Magic Sands

               - Magics Beach Grill


  • Hele-On

              - If you're a County of Hawaii Mass Transit Agency transit rider, you can receive a free HIBIKE "The Hopper" subscription. Click on                  the button below for more info.


Safety - On the Road

  • Ride with the flow of traffic
  • Don't pass vehicles on the right
  • Don't overtake busses and large trucks


Cars will not expect to see you if you are not following the rules of the road. Larger vehicles may also not see you due to huge blind spots.

Team Member Spotlight: Paul

Paul is one of HIBIKE's field team members helping to balance out the system making sure there's a bike available for you and a space to return your bike when you need it. Paul is also the Program Director of PATH, People for Active Transportation Hawaii, the nonprofit organization that we work with.

Tips & Tricks

How to use the lock feature on the bike


If you have to a make a stop and a HIBIKE station is not nearby, please use the lock on the bike.


  • Look for the cable in the basket (front) of the bike
  • Wrap the cable around something sturdy like a pole or bike rack
  • Directly below the basket on the right side, lift and align the lever until the hole to plug the cable appears
  • Plug in the cable
  • Look for the key (looks like a knob) on the right side of the lever you plugged the cable into
  • Turn the key until it clicks and remember to TAKE THE KEY WITH YOU.


*Reminder: your time will continue to run until your bike is docked at one of our stations. Be sure to check the keypad for the green light before walking away from your bike. That is the only way to know it is locked.

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