Happy Spring, HIBIKE members.

2023 HIBIKE Expansion

HIBIKE is expanding and we would like to know where you want to see more stations in Kona and Hilo. Please click on the link below to submit your suggestions.

Please copy and paste this link into your browser if the button does not work.


Safety - On the Road

  • Make eye contact with drivers so you know that you are seen, but still be cautious.


  • Stop behind cars and not next to them at intersections as you will be in their blind spot if they decide to make a right turn.

HELE-ON & HIBIKE Collaboration

Get unlimited rides lasting up to 30 minutes for 24 hours with HIBIKE if you are a County of Hawaii Mass Transit Agency transit rider. You can receive a free HIBIKE "The Hopper" subscription. Click on the button below for more info.

Tips & Tricks

Returning your bike



  • Push your bike firmly into an open dock and wait until the LED light on the keypad turns green before walking away.


  • If you have a flat tire, lift up (off the ground) the tire that is flat as you push the bike into the dock, aligning the brass triangle (triangle is above the front tire) with the dock until you get a green light on the keypad.


  • If something is wrong with your bike, after you see the green light on the keypad when returning it, please press the red wrench button (on top of the keypad) to alert our staff.


  • If you are not sure whether you saw the green light or not, please contact the call center while you are still at the station with your bike. If you have the Sprinter, Cruiser, or Free Spirit Plan and miss seeing the green light, you can check the "trips" tab on the PBSC app. If the app shows an active trip, your bike has NOT been docked properly.
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