Launching By 2024

Revolutionizing the way you ride!

Get ready to have your ride transformed. The electric buzz is coming to Kona. We are excited to announce that we are electrifying how you ride. Soon you will be able to effortlessly enjoy the sights of Ali'i Dr while embracing the joy of pedaling with a boost. 


Your next ride is at your fingertips

Get ready for the launch of our e-bikes and download the app today! Purchase your subscription online here and log into the app to unlock a bike on the go, view your current ride time, and manage your account right from your mobile phone. You can also check a live status of all our stations to see if there is availability for you and all your friends.



Enjoy Kona in a whole new way

Soon Hibike will be bringing you a exhilarating experience that blends the joy of cycling with the breathtaking beauty of the Kona's landscapes. The electric assistance effortlessly propels you through the winding coastal roads and volcanic landscapes with ease while taking in the warm breeze that carries the scent of exotic flowers. Cruise along the pristine shores with an e-bike and transform your exploration of paradise into a truly blissful adventure.

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Location Availability 

Pedal Assist

Pass Availability

Unlock Cost

Extra-time Cost

Standard Bike

Kona & Hilo


Available with all passes and subscriptions


$5.00 per 30 minutes or less




Available with all passes and subscriptions


$10.00 per 30 minutes or less

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How it works

It's easy and even easier to ride with an e-bike. Locate an e-bike at a station today, look for the green lightning bolt just below the seat. Follow these easy steps and get riding today!


1. Select A Pass

Select a pass from any kiosk, or purchase a subscription online here.


2. Choose An E-bike

Standard bikes are included in all pass and subscription options. When unlocking an e-bike a separate $5 unlock fee is applied for each ride.


3. Ride It

Hop on and enjoy the ride. Helmets when riding an e-bike are strongly recommended.


4. Return & Repeat

Return to any station. Find an open space and lock your bike in. Wait for the green light to confirm your ride has ended.

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