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Hawai’i Island's viable transportation option that provides economic, health and ultimate convenience benefits. Bikeshare Hawaii Island is now available for residents and visitors alike in Kailua-Kona and Hilo. For anyone who wants to leave their car parked during a short trip, or enhance their transportation options Bikeshare is for you. In other cities with a bikeshare system, local businesses also benefit, with an increase in visibility on the street-level, because people are out of their cars and more aware of the shops around them.


Bikesharing encourages a healthy and fun way to get around, and helps promote the continuous development of appropriate infrastructure for biking, bike safety and bike ridership on Hawai’i island.


Bikeshare Hawaii Island is a non-profit 501(c)3 program created through the joint efforts of the County of Hawaii Department of Research and Development, the Mayor’s Active Living Advisory Council and PATH. The original bikeshare stations installed in 2016 advanced Mayor Billy Kenoi’s vision of healthy and active Hawaii Island communities. We added additional stations in 2019 to support Mayor Kim’s desire to make Hawaii Island a nice place to live.

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PATH is a community-based, grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit active transportation organization serving Hawaii County. Our mission is to safely connect people and places on Hawaii Island with pathways and bikeways. PATH was founded in 1986 in response to a growing need for places to walk, bike and hike safely and legally in Hawaii County.


The PATH board of directors, staff and over 1,500 members from across the state and across the world believe publicly accessible trails, bikeways and pathways do much to revive Hawaii’s unique history, allow us to live sustainably as islanders, preserve our fragile natural environment and build strong community relationships. The ability to talk story with a neighbor, fish along the shoreline, ride a horse through the mountains, go for a walk with one’s spouse or ride a bike to school are the daily activities of life in Hawaii that build trust, connect all of us both socially and culturally, provide daily physical activity, reduce energy demand and keep pollutants out of the air and water. In a very fundamentally human way, trails, pathways and bikeways have the unique ability to stitch our communities together into a healthy, equitable and sustainable tapestry of life in Hawaii.


Over the past 30 years, PATH’s board of directors and membership have worked to promote active mobility and safe conditions for walking, running, hiking, and biking.



HIBIKE is well-utilized and fun, and meets Hawaii Island's local community mobility needs. Bikeshare is a safe way to affordably navigate our neighborhoods, promoting economic, health, and environmental benefits for the broader community, including:


  • Providing an affordable, convenient, fun and flexible transportation options for the community.
  • Stimulating business at the street level
  • Connecting users to other forms of transportation - Hele-On Partnership
  • Creating new jobs
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels and air pollution
  • Reducing or eliminating parking, gas and other personal car expenses
  • Enabling users to enjoy the benefits of owning a bike without the hassle or worry. Use it, dock it, forget it.
  • Putting more people on bikes, calming traffic and increasing traffic safety for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.


Be apart of our vision and partner with us!

Secure Bike Share:


Bikeshare Hawaii signed an agreement in 2020 as its operating partner. They specialize in the management and deployment of large scale bicycle share systems and are a part of the Secure Parking Group. The Secure Parking Group has nearly a 40 year record of operational excellence and state-of-the-art technology in the mobility sector and can be found in over 15 different countries across the globe including the US (mainland), United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Over the years they have grown to one of the largest transport operators in the world with numerous awards to their name including TOP100 SME for Exemplary Standards and Service Excellence, Parking Industry Award for Outstanding Marketing and Communications, Parking Organization of the Year (sponsored by NRMA), and ABA100 1st Prize Winner for Best New Product and Marketing Excellence.


Jonathan Alexander

Operations Manager